About This Blog

Roku development can be challenging. There is an entirely new language to learn, fewer tools, and a smaller ecosystem and community around it than other platforms. But there are lots of tips and tricks out there that folks have discovered/developed that can save lots of headaches and maybe even make Roku development a little fun. This blog hopes to collect and document those nuggets of wisdom and contribute to our overall collective knowledge.

Roku Developer Documentation: https://sdkdocs.roku.com

Roku Developers Slack: https://rokudevelopers.slack.com

Roku Developer Forums: https://forums.roku.com/

About Me

I have developed Roku apps for some of the biggest names on the platform, including HBO, Hulu, TBS/TNT, Dolby, iHeartRadio, and many more. Through trial-and-error, experimentation, research, and collaboration, I have built up a library of tools and patterns that have made my Roku development experience much better. You can find out more about me and some of my Roku-related projects at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/briandunnington

Github: https://github.com/briandunnington

Redoku (Redux for Roku): https://github.com/briandunnington/redoku

Roact (React for Roku): https://github.com/briandunnington/roact

Roku Promise: https://github.com/briandunnington/roku-promise

Roku Fetch: https://github.com/briandunnington/roku-fetch